Monday, October 10, 2011

Bring The Apple Store Into Your Home !

Since the passing of the great CEO Steve Jobs
all eyes are now focused on Apple and its endless
"magic" that it lets people experience.

The web is overflowing with blogs, articles, art works
recognizing the brilliance of Steve Jobs and
how Apple changed our lives forever.

So while web surfing and weaving through the gamut of
Steve Jobs and Apple related stuff

I found this :

YES it's a Playmobil Apple Store Playset !

Holy heavens my heart skipped a beat!

I super love this and I would love to have this in my house !!!!

This toy set is being sold by

Check out these great images…

the detail on this playset is magnificent

there is also no skimping on the amount of "people"
included in this set

it even has requisite line of people eagerly awaiting Apple’s newest toy
although this one is not included with the set
you have to purchase this pack separately

The Apple Store

Genius Bar

Apple store squad complete with blue shirt and tag

Kids Corner

oh yah the bean bag for children is present too

Display Tables

 awesome miniature iPads and computers

Keynote Theater

hmm ... speaker looks familiar?

This is the Optional Line Pack Available

Okayyyyy ... before we all get so excited
and do an online mad shopping at Think Geek website
and crash their system down

here’s the real kicker

this was actually an April Fool’s prank by Think Geek!

So, Sadly we cannot really buy this :-(

I am heart broken ...

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  1. Ang cute! Love Apple! I still remember our first Mac, a Macintosh IIvi!!!