Monday, April 23, 2012

Project Life Week 16

 Wow we are now on 16th Week of Project Life.
It seems just like yesterday that I started this project
and now my album is slowly getting thicker.
I am definitely doing this again next year!

This week Dublin was dominated by HOT WARM Temperature.
It doesn't feel like Spring at all.

Also this week Jayden turned 16 months

My Tuesday photo for PL are the comments I got THAT DAY
from my Project Life Tuesday Week 15 entry
Just showing my appreciation to those who dropped by
and left some comments
to Miriam, Dawn, Katie and  Kelli ...
a gazillion hugs & kisses
(click photo to view larger)
and a special mention to Fiona who also left a note the day after ... 
hugs & kisses to you too!!!

This week as usual I made my own Title Card
 My kids are back to school after a week of
spring break

The embellishments I used this week:
(click on photo to view larger)

Left Side
(click on photo to view larger)

Right Side
(click on photo to view larger)

Once again ... Thank You So Much 
for visiting my site
 and dropping me a note
a gazillion hugs & kisses to all


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo Ideas

Photo Ideas is our Three On Thursday topic this week.

Here are three photo ideas that you can capture and
include in your scrapbook, Project Life or 365 Project

1.  Your child's choice
Capture your child's preference for the day.  It could be a toy,
an activity, clothes, shoes, tv show or food (this list could
be endless hahaha)

this was my daughter Jayden's choice last week

2.  Something Unexpected
This I think is a must to be captured.
It doesn't have to be grand like car tied with a red bow 
waiting for you outside.
Just little stuff like a package, a text message, hail,
mess, a kiss etc.

this happened at the park while strolling with my daughter

3. Reminders of the day
This could be really helpful especially when you are experiencing
a bad day.
It could be a quote from a book, something from Pinterest,
a memo from your boss, a letter, a sign etc

my day didn't start out right so I posted this on my window

What are you going to CAPTURE today my friend?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Project Life Week 15

It is Spring Break Week for us, so this week has a
great deal of photos and wallet busting for printing 
(see April 15 picture)

This week has a lot of things going on:
1. Spring Break Week
2. April 9 is the 100th day of 2012
3. Take Twelve Photo Challenge (April 12)

I have 5 sheets of 8x10 insert this week (yikes)
This week is also Take Twelve Week
a photo challenge that I take part of every
12th of each month by the Ella Publishing Co.
My Take Twelve photos are usually an 8x10 insert
but this week I made it a 6x4 photo to save money
since I have a lot of 8x10s to be printed.

I don't have a lot of filler cards this week to make
room for my photos.
This week's Embrace The Camera project, I think is the BEST
since I have all my 3 children

April 9 is the 100th day of year 2012 so I included my
365+1 picture of my 100th Day Cake and 
I also listed down 100 Things That I am Grateful For

I made my Title Card again for this week and the
theme is Spring Break
(click on photo to view larger)

(click on photo to view larger)

(click on photo to view larger)

(click on photo to view larger)

all my inserts are 8x10 photo collage
(click on photo to view larger)



Oh, before I go, I would like to share this photo that 
I took this week to all of you ...
(click photo to view larger)
if you have time read my blog entry on

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creating My Own Positive Energy

My day is NOT starting out right
so I taped this reminder on my window
(click on photo to view larger)

When things are not going our way we have to see life
with a magnifying glass and magnify the little things
that we usually ignore.  This way the bad moment will not
define us or our day.
It is time that we take control of the negativity and not
let the negative vibes take hold of us.
"Every day may not be good...
But there is something
good in every day!"

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Project Life Week 14

For this week I made an Easter Title Card

(click on photos to view larger)

Left Side

Right Side

For more Project Life layouts visit ...

Monday, April 9, 2012

100th Day

Today, April 9 is the 100th day of year 2012

Can you think of 100 blessings in your life this year?

Yes, my dear friends... that is one blessing per day ....

Today I wrote down 100 things that I am thankful for this year ...

Monday, April 2, 2012

Project Life Week 13

This week for PL I did not go embellishment crazy like 
last week.
I went back to my simple layout and made my
pictures the focus of my layout.
As usual my journaling is included in my photos.
For this week's "Embrace The Camera",
it's Joseph & Justine's turn.

Here is my Week 13 Layout
(click on the picture to view larger)

Left Side

Right Side