Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photo Ideas

Photo Ideas is our Three On Thursday topic this week.

Here are three photo ideas that you can capture and
include in your scrapbook, Project Life or 365 Project

1.  Your child's choice
Capture your child's preference for the day.  It could be a toy,
an activity, clothes, shoes, tv show or food (this list could
be endless hahaha)

this was my daughter Jayden's choice last week

2.  Something Unexpected
This I think is a must to be captured.
It doesn't have to be grand like car tied with a red bow 
waiting for you outside.
Just little stuff like a package, a text message, hail,
mess, a kiss etc.

this happened at the park while strolling with my daughter

3. Reminders of the day
This could be really helpful especially when you are experiencing
a bad day.
It could be a quote from a book, something from Pinterest,
a memo from your boss, a letter, a sign etc

my day didn't start out right so I posted this on my window

What are you going to CAPTURE today my friend?

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