Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worth Reading

Once in awhile I will be posting posters that I made to inspire you ...

and I guarantee you ... they are
worth reading

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi  friends ... I am baaaccckkk  (using my Schwarzenegger voice )

It was my hubby Joseph's birthday and he took a week off from work.
Thus the short blog hiatus
Joseph requested  cupcakes for his birthday.
I made
Chocolate Cupcake with Chocolate Ganache Glaze.

Here it is !!!

We do not like putting cream frosting on our cupcakes .
Since it is Joseph's birthday ... I decided to jazz it up a little and
made some ganache glaze to put on top.
I saw on Food Network how to make ganache
I never realized it was that EASY !

Here are the stuff you need ...

Cut the chocolate bar into small pieces (you can also use chocolate chips)
and place in a bowl

NOTE: use equal amount of chocolate and heavy cream


Heat the heavy cream in a saucepan on medium-low heat

Cook until small bubbles appear on the outside edge of the cream

Add the vanilla (one teaspoon) before turning the heat off.

Pour the hot cream mixture over the chocolate chips
let it rest for a few seconds ( do not mix it yet )
until the chocolate is melted

Using a whisk, gently stir until all the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth
 and add the Karo syrup too (about a tablespoon)

The karo syrup makes the ganache shiny

Dip the tops of each cupcake in the ganache and transfer to a baking sheet
Place the dipped cupcakes in the refrigerator to set, about 15 to 20 minutes
Allow cupcakes to return to room temperature before serving.

Ganache is such a complicated name
easy to make !

P.S.  I really wasn't planning on going on a short blog hiatus
I already wrote a blog about The London Riot BUT
I felt the topic was too sensitive so I did not post it
BUT maybe someday I will share the photos with you ...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Love


Oh Yah!!!

This caught your interest hmmm...

Finally ... a blog about something ... S-E-X-Y !!!

Oh well ... S-O-R-R-Y to dampen your spirit ...

But actually it's about ... making something with L-O-V-E

Before my daughter Jayden started accumulating numerous toys

I made one of her very first form of entertainment a ...

Water Bottle Shaker

this is a fairly easy project to make.  Here are the things you need :

This is a fun way to recycle your used water bottles. 
 I used a SMALL bottle so it will be easier for Jayden to hold.

Fill it up with whatever sound makers you have on hand —
beads, rice, pasta, sequins, etc
I have a lot of colored beads at home so that's what I used.
It would have been ideal if the beads were BLACK & WHITE since babies will respond best to bold, contrasting colors.

Seal the cap with a non-toxic super glue, so that baby can’t get at the 
choking hazards inside.   I used a hot glue gun.
This is how my project looked like ...

I am fairly happy on how this project turned out.
BUT ... I am definitely OVERJOYED when I see this ...

But most of all ... this project has now become PRICELESS

when I see her SMILE like this ...

and let us all remember that ...

Small things become great when done with LOVE

now ... let us all start "making love" ... hihihi *wink*

Monday, August 1, 2011

Doing Pot

Woah !!! .... STOP (in the name of love) ... Don't call


This is what i mean ...

AKA  "Slow Cooker"

I seldom use this (coz I always want to do things the hard way hahaha)
but the crock pot or slow cooker is so easy to use ...

"you can set it and forget it"
(ohh this sounds like an infomercial)

I took my crock pot from its hiding place in the cupboard because ...

I found a recipe on the internet called "Spicy Lemon Crock Pot Chicken"

but ... on the day I went out to buy the ingredients ...

I printed the WRONG recipe !!!
(i never realized it while buying the stuff)

and got this instead ...

oh well i can't do anything about it I already got everything for this dish so ...

I might as well try it out.

So ... this is what happened ...

To make this dish I need ...

Some Simple & Easy Steps :

1 can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp garlic powder
a jar of sliced mushroom (undrained)
1/2 cup water

Cover and cook on LOW setting

About 15 minutes before serving

1 1/2 cups green peas
1 1/2 cups instant white rice

Cover and cook 15 minutes longer or until rice is tender.


ladies & gentlemen ... my Chicken Rice

This is a super easy dish to make ... I think the hardest part was cutting the chicken .

I may have planned to make the Spicy Lemon Chicken but I have to admit

this mistake turned out good !

The flavor was perfect---but I did add a bit of salt and pepper
(that's what the recipe said anyway)

It may not be a super gourmet dish where I labored for hours in the kitchen

but this is a good dish for a PERFECT Saturday dinner with my family.

As they say ...

"The only thing more important than what's on the table
 who's sitting around it."