Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Making Love


Oh Yah!!!

This caught your interest hmmm...

Finally ... a blog about something ... S-E-X-Y !!!

Oh well ... S-O-R-R-Y to dampen your spirit ...

But actually it's about ... making something with L-O-V-E

Before my daughter Jayden started accumulating numerous toys

I made one of her very first form of entertainment a ...

Water Bottle Shaker

this is a fairly easy project to make.  Here are the things you need :

This is a fun way to recycle your used water bottles. 
 I used a SMALL bottle so it will be easier for Jayden to hold.

Fill it up with whatever sound makers you have on hand —
beads, rice, pasta, sequins, etc
I have a lot of colored beads at home so that's what I used.
It would have been ideal if the beads were BLACK & WHITE since babies will respond best to bold, contrasting colors.

Seal the cap with a non-toxic super glue, so that baby can’t get at the 
choking hazards inside.   I used a hot glue gun.
This is how my project looked like ...

I am fairly happy on how this project turned out.
BUT ... I am definitely OVERJOYED when I see this ...

But most of all ... this project has now become PRICELESS

when I see her SMILE like this ...

and let us all remember that ...

Small things become great when done with LOVE

now ... let us all start "making love" ... hihihi *wink*


  1. Great idea, Mama!! Keep it up. Jayden is so adorable, play date soon with Hannah?

  2. awww good job Mama!!! Jayden is so cute! Do you know that i made rattle like this for Julian too? I used the small breast feeding bottle, and I don't remember what I placed inside. Then i clothed it with a hand puppet.

    I love the idea of colorful beads!!! :) Thank you for sharing ...