Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life Week 12

It is officially Spring Time and for week 12 of Project Life 
I went Embellishment Crazy !!!
It started with my Title Card for week 12 ...
I thought maybe it would be cute if I make it a
Spring Title Card ... once I finished making it ...
I can't stop myself from placing a lot of embellishment 
on my other stuff hahaha ... here are my Embellishment Craziness:

Title Card for March 19-25
(click on photos to view larger)

Week 12's Layout
(click on photos to view larger) 

Left Side

Right Side

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Three Quotes on Thursday

 This week I am sharing some posters that I made
You can also view my other posters on my IRIS blog site

Monday, March 19, 2012

Project Life Week 11

The Highlights of Week 11:
1.  Out of the blue, our refrigerator stopped working
2.  Attending the Scrapbook Expo 

For this week's layout, I used some of the stuff that I got
from the Scrapbook Expo.

(click on the photos to view larger)

Week 11 Layout
(click on photo to view larger)

Left Side

Right Side
As usual I have "Embrace the Camera" photo
popularized by Emily Anderson

8x10 Insert
I have an insert this week because I participated in 
Ella Publishing Co's Photo Challenge called
Take Twelve 
Every 12th of each month, you will take 12 photos
click HERE to see my Take Twelve post

Here are the links for this week:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Discoveries on Thursday

This week's Three on Thursday is all about ...
Mostly about new things I found on the web

1.  Unabashedly Prep

I love Preppy Stuff ... I am an 80s girl what can I say 
So when I stumbled across this website, I was super happy.
This blog site is by a very cute preppy guy 
Fred Castleberry ... ohhh yah his name alone is so preppy!

Oh well his site is oozing with preppiness and fashion inspiration.
Try dropping by to see what I mean.

Here's another blog site which I really can't remember how 
I came across ... but I'm pretty glad I did.
This blog site is by Katie Sokoler ... a freelance photographer
and street artist.
Her work had been featured on various
magazines and news paper like Glamour & New York Magazine.
The title of her blog is a very good description of her site.
Her site is indeed very very colorful!
I love it because it has a lot of pictures about her crafts, street art,
things she did in her apartment and other fun stuff with friends.
Her pictures are wonderful.
Don't hesitate to take a peek.

3.  Kiel James Patrick
This is a website that sells belts and bracelets.
What caught my attention was this particular bracelet on their
intro page.
This is a rope sailor bracelet with a simple square knot.
The best thing about this design is the Anchor toggle lock.

Their bracelets also have sizes from 6.5 inches until 8.5 inches.
Their products are 100% USA made.
Check it out.

How about you my friends ... any Discoveries this week?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Life Week 10

Here are some of the fun stuff in my Week 10 Layout:

I made this Title Card from a 12x12 cardstock Clementine Edition
(click on the photos to view larger)

I used my new Dymo Caption Maker Labeler

The fun embellishments that I love this week: 

Here is Week 10 Layout:
(click on the photos to view larger)

Left Side
 Right Side

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Take Twelve Photo Challenge

It is March 12 and it is time again for the 
Take 12 Photo Challenge by

For this month I decided to concentrate on my
Project Life album for my Take 12 photos.

please click on the photo to view larger

As usual this will be added in my Project Life album as an
8x10 insert.

I hope you guys join in the challenge next time.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dymo Caption Maker

(click on photo to view larger)

The second I saw this online, I was jumping up and down 
with excitement.  Finally a label embosser with different fonts!!!

I have a Dymo Label Embosser but the original small version
I am quite happy with my old one but when I saw the Caption
Maker I know I gotta have it.
I ordered it at Amazon and this is how it looked like:

1. Pouch ... not really to store the labeler but for the discs and tapes
2. Labeler
3. Black Embossing Tape
4. Three wheels or discs

It also comes with a manual with step by step photographed directions.

The 3 interchangeable wheels are:
Upper Case

Lower Case

Script Font

Symbols (included with the Script Font)

It is also Acid Free

A sample of the upper case wheel

The best part of this thingamajig is the interchangeable wheel
which means you can mix the fonts in one label ... woohoo

I am very happy with the Caption Maker.
I got it at Amazon for $17 but when you go to the Dymo website
it is $24.

I just wish that the pouch is big enough to hold the labeler and
I also wish they will have more wheels/discs available in the 
future with different fonts and characters.

So if you are planning to get one, I highly recommend this!