Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dymo Caption Maker

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The second I saw this online, I was jumping up and down 
with excitement.  Finally a label embosser with different fonts!!!

I have a Dymo Label Embosser but the original small version
I am quite happy with my old one but when I saw the Caption
Maker I know I gotta have it.
I ordered it at Amazon and this is how it looked like:

1. Pouch ... not really to store the labeler but for the discs and tapes
2. Labeler
3. Black Embossing Tape
4. Three wheels or discs

It also comes with a manual with step by step photographed directions.

The 3 interchangeable wheels are:
Upper Case

Lower Case

Script Font

Symbols (included with the Script Font)

It is also Acid Free

A sample of the upper case wheel

The best part of this thingamajig is the interchangeable wheel
which means you can mix the fonts in one label ... woohoo

I am very happy with the Caption Maker.
I got it at Amazon for $17 but when you go to the Dymo website
it is $24.

I just wish that the pouch is big enough to hold the labeler and
I also wish they will have more wheels/discs available in the 
future with different fonts and characters.

So if you are planning to get one, I highly recommend this!

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  1. Are you also able to print numbers? Thanks so much for the review -- very helpful!