Friday, January 6, 2012

Day 6 ... Lingering and A Package

Project 365 + 1 ... Day 6

We STILL have all our Christmas decorations up in our house.
I am hoping to take them all down this weekend.
I am glad to learn from my Facebook friends that I am not the 
only one with decors still up.

A Package

Today the book I ordered from Walmart arrived.
This is my first time ordering a photo book from Walmart.
As usual I am not expecting a lot from this.
I used Walmart instead of my usual Blurb because of their

I had my December Daily Entries made into a photo book.
I ordered a 5x7 hardbound format and it costs me $22.01 with FREE shipping.
It took more or less a week before it arrived.

The pictures were printed okay.
There were a lot of pictures that got cropped.
Maybe because my pictures were NOT made into a 5x7 format
and maybe because I should have picked a bigger photo book size.
Anyway here are some pages of my December Daily 2011 ...

Click on a photo for a bigger view.

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