Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year


It is the 31st of December and in a few hours from now California will
be welcoming year 2012.

Our family closed the last week of December in a not so happy note
due to the passing of my father in law.
He passed away the day after Christmas which made it more
We adore my father in law so much, he is very good to us.

I have only known my father in law for more than 16 years but
through all those years he had been a wonderful father to me 
and an awesome grandfather to my children.

I am very lucky to have a wonderful husband ... but mostly because
he had a GREAT DAD growing up.  

We were never ever ready to say goodbye ...
If it were up to us ... we'd always keep Papa here
But God has reasons of His own and plans we cannot know
and these are always for our good
though it may seem not so ...
But knowing that Papa is happy in God's arms right now
brings a smile in our hearts

To my father in law ... JUAN N. WILSON
you are the best and we miss you!

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