Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is my first time to participate in Ali Edwards' "A Day In The Life"
project ... and yesterday was quite different since I have to
document my whole day ...

I will be incorporating this project into my Project Life 2012 
as an 8x10 insert.

It was funny since there were times that I had panic moments
because I forgot to take pictures on some activities

Anyway I'm glad I took part on this project ... 
it makes you appreciate your life no matter how simple (like mine)
Looking at my pictures from yesterday makes me say ...
Thank You Lord for my family and blessings !

Ok friends ... here is A Day In My Life ...

How was your day?


  1. Aww, this is excellent?! Congrats, Ms Carriefer on Project: A Day in the Life. Woot! PS. I thought giving H a bath at 7:30 is kinda late however J takes it much, much later in the night....

  2. This is so good. I like the 9am chatting with George,7:30am bad hair day for Jayden again LOL,1:15pm---girl train her sa sippy cup as early as now..or you will suffer! haha, 3:45 and 4pm CUTEest,big girl from middle school not so happy sa pix hahaha as well as the 4:35pm boy being dragged by an excited dog who would love to go to out and do some potty, 6:30pm is awesome time with daddy, 7:15 your family is so lucky to have real food compared to my household, 8pm FUN time same as 5pm. 10:44 and 11 pm ahhhhh twosome relaxation....we all have a hectic schedule. Nice day for the W family.