Monday, February 27, 2012

Project Life in A FEW HOURS !

YES Folks Project Life in A FEW HOURS !!!

At the beginning of the year I already decided that I am 
doing Project Life.  Unfortunately the page protectors I wanted
are not available yet.  So I waited for almost 8 weeks before
I could start doing it.

The minute my Project Life Kit and page protectors came,
I had my pictures printed and started scrapbooking the
next day ... it took me only a few hours to finish 
7 WEEKS worth of PL pages !!!

How did I do it???

EASY ...

Since I don't have my PL Kit yet, I treat it like I have it ... hehehe

Here's how I did it:

1.  I take pictures EVERYDAY

2.  I printed the page protectors I want
this is how it will look like on my PL album

3.  I use these printed pages to make my LAYOUT for the week

4.  On my weekly layout, I decide which pictures to use, 
what story to highlight, and where to place those pictures & story
on my page protectors
(I also include info if I have an insert)

Ohh ... I almost forgot to mention that 
everynight before I go to sleep ...
I write down all the things that happened the whole day
This way, it will help me remember and decide
what story to highlight and what photos to include in
my PL

5.  After finalizing my layout, I go to my photo album and edit
my pictures using Picasa on my computer.  I usually add dates 
and journaling on my pictures.  Oh one thing I do when I take
my photos ... I always take my pictures twice VERTICAL & 
HORIZONTAL (to fit my page protectors) ... and if I don't have 
a vertical photo for a particular story I want that is when I
crop my horizontal photo (using Picasa) to fit into a vertical
slot on on page protector

Sample of adding Date & Journaling on my photo

and starting Week 8 ... I am including a "HAPPY" & "SAD"
icon on my photos, so I can asses at a glance how 
I felt that day/week or on a particular incident

Sample of Cropping from Horizontal to Vertical
to fit the page protector slot I want

6.  So after doing all these ... when my kit and pictures came
all I need to do is follow my layout for picture placements and
place all the fillers and cards from my PL core kit (which is FUN
to do ... gosh that core kit is awesome) 

7.  Now that my PL kit is here, I am STILL going to do all
these layout on paper before I do the PL page at the end of
each week because for me I find it EASIER and FASTER,
which is mainly the "focus" of Project Life anyway ...
to be able to make something meaningful and beautiful
without stressing me out and taking a big chunk from my
family time ... family first ... memories second

And that folks is the trick on how I did my 7 weeks of
Project Life in a FEW HOURS !!!

Tomorrow I will be sharing my Project Life pages.

Here's a sneak peek ...

(click for a bigger view)

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  1. Awesomeness, congrats! You are updated. I'll see what I can do to get me up to speed, too. :-)